DREAMS INDIA GROUP is a dominant force in Direct Advertising and the only company that offers complete coverage in the entire country.

Through full-time professional marketing representatives, we talk to over 10 lakh consumers each year on behalf of our clients. That is why today, more and more major companies are turning to addmarc to build traffic, increase frequency, enhance brand loyalty, fill unused capacity and generate new customers.

DREAMS INDIA GROUP  dedicated to bringing customers to your businesses, enticing former customers to return, and creating customer loyalty through personal contact and exceptional value for money in return.

DREAMS INDIA GROUP , an advertising and marketing company, specializing in organizing business promotions for the Hospitality Industry in particular and through our services, we partner you in bringing about a quantum increase in your business of upto 60%, without your organization incurring any cost of the promotion. 

Our Clients rave about…..
  • The quality of the collateral materials we produce for them.
  • The ability of our programs to drive in New Customers.
  • The Short Lead Time for program implementation.
  • The immediacy of the Results.
  • The Exclusivity of our presentation.
  • The Frequency of our privilege members.
  • The Professionalism of representation.
We assure you of a service that is totally professional and with guaranteed results. Our past records do vouch for our claims.

We take the service we provide to our clients very seriously, and we start every engagement by establishing a thorough understanding of the client’s ambitions and goals.

At DREAMS INDIA GROUP , we are committed to providing smart solutions that can result in 30 to 35% revenue increase to your bottom line. Our solutions will also offer a high mind share as well as better brand recall factor to you, at no extra cost.